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The Taylor-Made Approach

Our expertise lies in identifying and facilitating real estate transactions below market price, based on:

1. Investor's budget

2. Investment target

3. Tailored strategy

The outcome - a customized real estate deal that fits your needs.

Simple. Fast. Professional.
Investments location

We believe that focus leads to expertise. Therefore, we have concentrated on very specific cities and neighborhoods where we specialize and know every development, need, or demand.

The cities of Akron and Barberton, Ohio, were chosen by us after extensive research into the area's revitalization plans, demographics of buyers, and tenants, economic stability, schools, and more. The close proximity of these neighborhoods to the university and hospitals has fostered a robust demand for housing in the area and has attracted a high-caliber community of hospital professionals and university faculty.

Additionally, this region stands as a frontrunner in the field of House Nursing within the United States, making it a preferred destination for numerous nurses to establish their residence.

The decline in the construction market in recent years has made it uneconomical for contractors to build, and as a result, there are almost no new construction starts.

The implication is a tremendous demand for properties far exceeding the supply.

There has been a steady annual increase in property prices. Stability during economic crises is due to the relationship between gross domestic product and house prices, as well as the fact that it is a middle-class population.

Income-Producing Real Estate 
Let the money keep working, after you earned it.

We embarked on our shared journey after many years of experience in real estate, primarily driven by a shared understanding that the Israeli market no longer meets our needs. The high purchase taxes, low yields, and lack of sufficient public information led us to focus on the American real estate market, alongside our investments in Israel.

Now, investors with as little as 300,000 shekels can acquire profitable properties!

Each of us had undertaken numerous projects abroad independently until we decided to combine our strengths to guide investors.

Our complementary skills enable us to identify real estate opportunities effectively.

We would be delighted to share our knowledge, professionalism, and experience with you, helping you achieve financial independence. We make deals accessible to you, even across the ocean, and turn them into profitable ventures.

Sharon Avital Tapiro, Advocate

Nir Har Tzion.


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